Junior Hanafuda Decks

What is Hanafuda?

Hanafuda are flower cards, inspired by the flora and fauna of Japan. They were invented hundreds of years ago in response to gambling restrictions!

There are many games—old and new—that you can play with hanafuda, like Koi-Koi and Hanaya.

Unlike Western cards, there are twelve suits in standard hanafuda and each suit has four cards.


The twelve suits are also referred to as months, and each is represented by a flower or plant.

In Junior Hanafuda, these are symbolically indicated in the top-left corner of every card so you can easily distinguish them in your hand.


Four kinds of cards are found in hanafuda:

Flower cards portray the various flowers and plants found in Japan.

Wish cards depict Tanzaku, colorful strips of paper used to write wishes during Tanabata.

Spirit cards illustrate wildlife (and Sake).

Light cards represent significant Japanese cultural elements, stories, and traditions.

Blue • 14 Suits • 56 Cards
In Production
Red • 14 Suits • 56 Cards
In Production
Blue • 13 Suits • 54 Cards
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