How to Play


The Deck

In this game, you can use the standard 48 cards or add extra cards from Junior Hanafuda. While every suit has a different configuration of cards, there are four kinds of cards you need to know:

Flower, Wish, Spirit, and Light

Setup (2 Players)

Shuffle the deck and deal five cards to your opponent, five cards (face-up) to the field, and five cards to yourself. The remaining deck is placed adjacent to the field as a draw pile.

Choose a player to begin.

The Goal

Add, swap, and capture cards while forming specific sets called Yaku.

Your Turn

When your turn starts, you have three different options to consider, but you may only perform one of these actions per turn.

Add: Take one card from the field, then replenish the field from the draw pile. The field will always contain 5 cards.

Swap: Take any amount of cards from the field, then replace them with that same amount of cards from your hand.

Capture: Place two or four same-suit cards from your hand in front of you. You may only capture one variety of flowers per turn.

If you find yourself holding seven cards, you will need to Swap or Capture. You may only hold a maximum of seven cards in your hand.

Now it’s the next player’s turn.

Continue until the draw pile is unable to replenish the field. The round immediately ends and players may not Capture any more combinations from their hands.

Strategy Tips

Throughout the game, you will balance the desire to hoard the most valuable cards in your hand with the practicality of creating quicker matches.

Note that only captured cards are scored. Holding too many cards that don’t match could prevent you from scoring.

Also, consider points you can earn by forming specific combinations of cards called Yaku.

Scoring at the
End the Game

When the field cannot be replenished by the draw pile, the game ends immediately. At this time, players tally the value of all the cards they captured.

Light cards are worth 20 points.
Spirit cards are worth 10 points.
Wish cards are worth 5 points.
Flower cards are worth 1 point.

Next, add 4 bonus points for each full suit you captured.

Finally, add all Yaku points for each Yaku you formed during this round.

You receive points for every Yaku you form, even if they contain the same cards!

Light Yaku
Any 3 Lights5
each additional Light+2
Special Yaku
Sake + Curtain2
Sake + Moon2
Spirit Yaku
Boar, Deer,
Wish Yaku
3 Poetry Wishes5
3 Blue Wishes5


If only it were that simple. Games are played in a series of rounds. A “Season” is three rounds. A “Half-Year” is six rounds. And a “Year” is twelve rounds. The player with the most points at the end of the series wins!

If the players have identical scores, rejoice in the shared victory!