Mage Deck with Card Back


French-Suited, English Pattern Cards

This deck contains four suits, ranked Ace through King, plus four extra cards: 2 Mages and 2 Flags.

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company in Erlanger, Kentucky.

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Standard Cards


Extra Cards


Card Backs


Ages 6+

Queen of Spades 5 of Hearts Blue Mage Red Mage 7 of Clubs King of Diamonds

The forever classic.

These playing cards reimagine the standard.
Everything’s familiar but all brand new.

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What’s Inside?

56 Cards (52 Standard + 4 Extra)


Blue Mage

Red Mage

Blue Flag

Red Flag

Want to learn more about Junior Playing Cards?
Or about playing cards in general?


Ace of Clubs, Junior Playing Cards • Designed in Portland King of Hearts Queen of Diamonds Jack of Spades 10 of Hearts

It’s all custom.
Pips, courts, indices.

The design is imbued with the history of
playing cards, like in the one-eyed Jacks,
the Queens’ flowers, and the Suicide King.


Red Flag Blue Flag


French-Suited, English Pattern Cards

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