Junior Playing Cards

Junior Playing Cards are custom French-suited, English Pattern playing cards.

There are two editions: Mage & Fool.


Both editions of Junior Playing Cards have 52 standard cards. There are four suits ( Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts) with 13 cards each, ranked Ace through King.



Each deck has two Flag cards. Blue decks include two Mage cards, while Red decks include two Fool cards.


Blue Flag

Red Flag

Blue Mage

Red Mage

Blue Fool

Red Fool



  • The King of Hearts is also known as the Suicide King because of the peculiar position of his sword.
  • The Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts are referred to as One-Eyed Jacks, due to their faces being in profile.


  • Typically, the Ace of Spades is more ornate, but in Mage & Fool decks, the Ace of Clubs receives special attention and features the Junior logo.
  • The King of Diamonds is the only King with an Axe. He’s also the only King who isn’t holding his weapon.
  • The Queen of Spades is the only Queen facing her left.
  • The Jack of Hearts is the only Jack who isn’t holding a weapon. Instead, he’s holding a feather, similar to the one in the Jack of Clubs’ hat.


For printable instructions on how to play games with these decks, visit Junior’s How to Play page.

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